Driveway and Concrete Pressure Cleaning

Driveway and Concrete Cleaning on the Sunshine Coast

Are you looking for professional Concrete Cleaning Services on the Sunshine Coast?

Do you need your driveway pressure washed for a family event?

At Street Pride Pressure Cleaning we provide Residential and Commercial Concrete Cleaning Services throughout the Sunshine Coast. Call Us today for a free estimate and appraisal for all of your Concrete Cleaning requirements.

Is your driveway looking old, tired and dirty?

At Street Pride Pressure Cleaning we can make your driveway and pathway look as if it was just laid! We are extensively experienced in concrete & driveways pressure cleaning, regardless of whether it is made of brick or concrete.

Everyone wants a clean and slip free environment around their home.

Why Clean Concrete?

Concrete is a highly porous material that attracts a lot of dirt, grime and mould and if you own a business, I bet there is chewing gum, food and drink spills, oils, graffiti and much more. The longer these stains stay on the surface especially oil and grease, the deeper they can penetrate the pores of your concrete and the more difficult they are to remove. We can effectively remove all of these stains and more, but the sooner you call us the better especially for oils and greases.

A well maintained entrance to your Sunshine Coast business helps you portray the best image that it can to the general public and potential customers. It is also important for home owners to portray the right image by maintaining clean concrete around the home such as driveways and pathways. This not only makes you and your family safer but also increases the appeal of your property to investors and owner occupiers should you be looking at selling your property.

Eco-Friendly Concrete Cleaning in Sunshine Coast

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and that is why our staff are trained to ensure we are fully compliant with environmental guidelines. We use non toxic Eco-friendly cleaning agents on all of our concrete cleaning projects.

What Else Do We Clean?

We provide all facets of Concrete and Tile Cleaning including Footpath Cleaning, Driveway Cleaning, Parking Lot Cleaning, Parking Garage Cleaning and Roof Cleaning.

Call Us today for a free estimate and appraisal for all of your Concrete Cleaning requirements.

Need a Concrete Cleaning Price or Quote?

Most of the time a quote can be given over the phone or online so give us a call on 0432 707 869 or send us a message by clicking here for a free no-obligation quote.